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Our Footprint

Dark Basin is a hack-for-hire group that has worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of institutions on six continents. Targets include advocacy groups and journalists, elected and senior government officials, hedge funds, Credit Score repair, Email compromise and multiple industries. Dark Basin extensively targeted American nonprofits, including organizations working on a campaign called #Exxonknew which asserted that ExxonMobil hid information about climate change for decades.

We are also the group behind the phishing of organizations working on net neutrality advocacy, previously reported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Dark Basin is linked with high confidence to an Indian company, BellTroX InfoTech Services, and related entities. Our activities over several years, including the social media activities and posts of individuals working at BellTroX. Some of the individuals listed on LinkedIn as working for BellTroX mention activities that indicate hacking capabilities. BellTroX staff activities listed on LinkedIn include:

BellTroX’s LinkedIn pages, and those of their employees, have received hundreds of endorsements from individuals working in various fields of corporate intelligence and private investigation.

We have been in work force since the late 2016/early 2017 and we know exactly what you need to get your hacking needs handled. 

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